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Beware of fake Blocklist Pro subscriptions

News Written by Moore

Please be advised that there are some sites attempting to sell subscriptions to our content from Blocklist Pro.

These fraudulent sites are attempting to impersonate the Blocklist Pro website by using our name ( Blocklist Pro ) in the description of their subscription plans, and also offering our blocklists as part of their subscription plan, all without our permission.

The only way to get access to our Premium downloads and services is to purchase a Premium Subscription through our main site at BISS ( ).

A BISS Premium Subscription is only valid for accessing the downloads and services at, and no other site.

Be very careful of any scam sites you find selling or redistributing the blocklists made by us at Bluetack / Blocklist Pro.

Remember, there is only one Blocklist Pro site. Please beware of inferior imitations.

Always trust the source.

2014 - - DoS attacks

Attacks Written by Moore

For the past 7 days now, the BlocklistPro site has been the victim of a sustained attack from someone (ab)using an IP address belonging to the Unitymedia Group based in Germany.

The denial of service attacks from Unitymedia Group have been running for 7 days straight, with at least 3 hits a second, 24hrs a day. That's around 160 thousand hits a day from just one IP address.

I can only guess what kind of mentally deranged person is responsible for the attack. It's not the first time we've had to ban an IP from Unitymedia because of abuse against the site though.

I'm sure they'll be happy to know that as a reward for their persistent efforts to attack the site, I've added their whole IP range to the Level 1 and Web Exploit blocklists.

Attacker Details :

IP :
Hostname :
Range : -
ASN : AS20825 Unitymedia NRW GmbH


Premium Subscriptions are now available

News Written by Moore

Hi all, we've started a transition over to a new Premium distribution system. Unfortunately this means that the BISS IP blocklist files / applications provided here at BlocklistPro will no longer be updated or available as free downloads.

Access to our new downloads system requires a Premium subscription, starting from $3. You can read about the announcement over on the BISS forums :: Premium Subscriptions.

There are currently three premium subscription plans available,
Internet Security, Website Security and Pro Security.

The Internet Security plan provides access to all the well known BISS blocklists, such as Level 1, Ads Trackers, Malware, Edu, Bad Peers, Proxy list etc.

The Website Security plan provides access to a whole new range of blocklists which have been in the works for awhile now. These are new blocklists to protect your server or website from an ever growing number of threats and daily abuses.

The new web security lists include the Bad bots & Parasites blocklist, the Web Exploit blocklist to combat persistent site exploit scanners and a Hosts Spy / SEO Spybots blocklist to protect against domain and keyword analysis services who try to make money from the information they generate ( harvest ) from your site.

The Premium Pro Security plan includes all the lists from both Internet and Web Security plans and more.

All plans provide direct download access, and daily updates. This is only the beginning of our launch into a whole new direction, with a wide range of new lists and applications / web services soon to be released from our new Premium platform.

You can find more information here on the Premium Subscription Plans page.

We hope you will continue to support our efforts, so that we can continue to support you.


New Download Statusbar for Firefox 26+

News Written by Moore

If you're a Firefox user who recently upgraded to Firefox 26+ , you may have been disappointed to find out that the number one download manager for Firefox, the Download Statusbar extension no longer works.. at all.

Don't despair, a new Download Statusbar extension has been released which does work on Firefox 26, and offers the same functionality and appearance as the original extension. Even better, it's also being updated to fix small bugs as they are reported.

The new extension is S3 Download Statusbar by Oleksandr.

View and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar - without the download window getting in the way of your web browsing.

This is a new life in Firefox 26+ for old well-known addon Download Statusbar

Completely rewritten code to be compatible with the latest versions of firefox, but visual interface unchanged for use as a familiar old Download Statusbar

I installed it the other day and so far everything works great, with all the same features from the original extension.


5.10.83. - Ahrefsbot SEO Spybot Update - Softlayer

Content Scrapers Written by Moore

Here's an update for blocking the latest round of AhrefsBot abuse.

As the Ahrefs company, which is based in the Ukraine, continues to expand to other data centers around the world, the company also continues to flood our sites daily with it's unrelenting SEO Spybot army.

I've noticed there's a new IP range from Softlayer being used by the Ahrefsbot lately, and the Ahrefsbot useragent has been updated once more, to version 5.0.

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