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Since Jan 2012 - The IP Filter updates (eg : Paranoid IP Filter, Normal IP filter, Paranoid SP List, Normal SPlist) plus the Bad Peers list are no longer available to download from BlockList Pro.

The IP Filter / IP Blocklist packs are updated each week, and are now only available to download from the forums by BISS donators.

To gain access to the IP Filter downloads, first please sign up for a free account on the Bluetack Forums, then make a one time donation of $3 or more, via the front page.

Within 24hrs (usually much sooner), you will be promoted to donators groups with full access to all the downloads and information within the donators forum.

Please visit the BISS forums for news about the latest IP Filter Updates for Donators.

For more information on P2P related blocklists, please view the P2P IP Block Lists guide

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