Blocklist Manager

The Blocklist Manager is a 'free' specialised network security toolkit designed to download, merge and convert blocklists into a wide range of formats compatible with the most popular personal Firewalls and IP blocking applications.

Other features include an inclusions / exclusions manager to maintain your own personal blocklist entries independantly of the public lists and various other tools for investigating IP addresses.


Blocklist Manager

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The Blocklist Manager (BLM) is an all-in-one network security tool, allowing you to download a number of regularly updated IP blocklists maintained by BISSLabs.

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With the BLM you can also import personal inclusions and exclusions, import log files, search for information on IP addresses with a Whois lookup tool, and export a blocklist to a file in various formats.

The BLM downloads Bluetack's public blocklists so you can create your own personal block lists.

A list then can be exported to many popular firewalls such as Outpost Firewall and Online Armor, IP filtering applications, like ProtoWall, PeerBlock, Peerguardian, ad/porn/popup blockers, and many other applications which support IP filtering.

The BLM allows you to import and manage lists of IP addresses based on your own needs. Depending on how you use the connection to your network, you may want to shield your connection from known hackers, scanners, advertisements, malware/spyware and other undesirable sites.

If your firewall or IP Blocker's format is not listed in the Blocklist Manager then please use the Blocklist Converter online page - Note the level 1 list may be too large to load into the converter.

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